Awesome Family Staycations You Need to Do

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We’re six months into the coronavirus pandemic, and that light at the end of the tunnel is probably just your baby’s toy mirror. Some of us have dared to travel, some are considering it, and the rest are wondering if vacation is canceled this year (and next year?).

Places are starting to re-open, offering more options if the cabin fever is getting to you. Just be sure to keep up with the latest travel guidelines and research places ahead of time so you know what’s available.

Pandemic aside, there are times when you just can’t get away but need a quick reset. Enter the staycation. You can still get those feel-good vacation vibes without leaving town or even the house! It’s all about mindset.

Remember, vacations are a break from routine that gives you something to look forward to. They’re an opportunity to escape responsibilities and bend the rules a little.

So unplug and enjoy these staycation ideas with your family. You can do them in a day or combine activities to fill a long weekend or week-long break. Relax, enjoy, and extend that bedtime – you’re on staycay!

Be a Local Tourist

You know where to find the best slice of pizza and the freshest produce but you may not know the story behind the giant statue you pass every day. Take the time to explore the city you live in and get a different perspective. Many places even offer self-guided audio tours you can access through their site or an app.

Between the local tourist attractions, museums, and historic landmarks, you’ll find plenty to do. With a little extra planning, you may even snag tickets to a live show.

Tiny Traveler Tip

Plan a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood. You can keep it to a few hours or do a longer, themed series that includes both sights and activities.

Treat Yourselves

Call the babysitter and book a couples massage or let your Pinterest skills shine with an at-home spa retreat. Outfit the whole family in fluffy bathrobes and slippers and have each person “book” a treatment.

Don’t forget to bust out that fancy pitcher and make some fruit-infused spa water.

Pack a Picnic

How about a little al fresco dining? If you live near the ocean or mountains, pack up your favorite foods and take it to the beach or enjoy it at the end of a good hike. Your backyard, balcony, or a nearby park works too! Any time spent outdoors benefits you and your little one.

Harvest the Fun

Each season brings a new crop of activities to choose from. Literally. Check out a local farm and do some fruit-picking. Then take your harvest home to make yummy treats. In some areas, you can go leaf-peeping or even cut your own Christmas tree.

Tiny Traveler Tip

Many orchards offer other activities such as hayrides and mazes, so be sure to plan ahead and allow plenty of time for all the things your family wants to do.

Ditch Your Beds

Pitch a tent in your backyard or build a fort in your living room, make campfire meals and s’mores using your camp stove, and sing your baby’s favorite songs. You can also download a stargazing app and learn about the night sky. This is all great practice for when you’re ready to take the family on an actual camping trip.

Splish and Splash

Skip the lines and create your own backyard water park. Just push the slide up to the kiddie pool, blow up a few inflatable sprinklers, and set up a splash pad. It’s ready to go whenever you need a summer cool-down. Who doesn’t love a season pass with free admission?

Enjoy a Culinary Retreat

One of the best parts about traveling is exploring through food and discovering new flavors. Choose a cuisine you haven’t tried and find a local restaurant or make the signature dish yourself. If you want to go all out, make multiple courses, and put up themed decor.

Tiny Traveler Tip

If you live near an ethnic grocery store, ask them for recipe suggestions. Bonus: all the ingredients you need are right there!

Plan a Movie Night

Make it a weekly ritual! Grab some snacks, cozy up with PJs and blankets, and have your toddler choose the movie each week. If you have an infant, put them down for the night, then catch up on all those Oscar noms you’ve been meaning to watch.

Want to take it up a notch? Rent a projector and invite friends over for an outdoor film festival. Movies with sequels, like the Harry Potter series, are great for a week at home.

Send Postcards

If you’re like us and forget to send postcards while you’re actually on vacation, don’t sweat it! Take a weekend to relive a past trip and write postcards you already have. Better yet, get crafty and make some with your toddler. Design them after places you’ve visited or want to visit in the future. Relatives will treasure their art and may not even notice the local postmark!

What are the ways your family recharges at home? Ideas are welcome in the comments below.

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