On-the-Go Tips for Keeping Your Baby Germ-Free

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When you become a parent, you start to see dirt and germs where you never did before. Surfaces that used to seem relatively clean now conjure up images of a petri dish of germs and bacteria.

It’s easy to sanitize and stay germ-free when you have the comforts of home. But what about when you’re on-the-go? How do you minimize your baby’s exposure to germs when traveling? After all, babies are known for putting anything and everything straight into their mouths.


Minimize your baby’s contact with others, especially during their first few weeks of life. Car seat covers are great for protecting your baby from airborne germs when you’re in crowded places like the airport.


Being organized helps to preserve your sanity when traveling with little ones, and also protects your baby’s belongings from dirt and contamination. Baby bottles have lids and some pacifiers and teething toys come with cases but pack extra containers for dirty items. Ziploc bags or Tupperware can hold dropped pacifiers while wet/dry bags are a great way to store soiled clothing or used pump parts until you’re able to wash them.


Babies’ movements are unpredictable and toys usually end up on the ground. This may be fine at home but not when you’re out in public. Secure pacifiers with a clip and get toys that suction to a table or attach to the car seat.


Wipes are a traveling parent’s best friend. Whether it’s sanitizing wipes, baby wipes, or boogie wipes, you can never have too many when traveling with a little one. For breastfeeding moms, there are even wipes for cleaning pump parts.

Have baby wipes in your diaper bag and your car, and pack disinfectant wipes in a baggie when flying. Wipe down surfaces your baby might touch like restaurant tables, high chairs, or airplane tray tables.

Baby wipes can be used on toys and pacifiers too. Just be sure to read the packaging. While great for diaper changes and cleaning surfaces, the chemicals used may not be safe for ingestion.

Lather Up

While it won’t sterilize your baby’s things, soap and water is the tried and true method of getting rid of dirt and grime. Pack a small amount of detergent or dish soap to wash bottles, pacifiers, plastic toys, and soiled clothing.

The other use is, of course, washing your hands. This is the best way to protect yourself and your baby from germs. Pack hand sanitizer for when hand-washing isn’t an option.

At the end of the day, a little dirt won’t harm your baby. But, their immune system is still developing, so it’s important to be proactive in avoiding germs to keep your baby healthy. In addition to the tips mentioned in this article, it’s best to wait a few weeks before traveling to give your baby’s body time to adjust to the world.

How do you keep your baby’s things clean and germ-free while traveling? Please share in the comments below!

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