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Travel is enriching and helps us maintain relationships with long-distance loved ones. At Zazu, we believe a little planning goes a long way and that travel doesn’t have to stop when you become a parent. It’s our mission to provide support, convenience, and peace of mind to all new parents who travel.

Images of Rita traveling as a child.

Rita Tarnate

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

With family and friends around the world, staying put is not an option for Rita. When she and her husband were expecting, they decided, early on, that they would continue traveling as a family and share their wanderlust with their tiny traveler.

Once their daughter was born, Rita planned easy trips to visit relatives. Their first journey as a family was 6 weeks from birth and by their daughter’s 3rd birthday, she had been on 52 flights to 10 cities in 3 countries. 

It’s Rita’s dream for new parents to approach travel with excitement instead of fear and anxiety. She believes that with the right mindset and proper preparation, your family can go anywhere!

Rita is a native New Yorker currently residing in Denver with her husband, Alex, their 3-year-old daughter, Odie, and their dog, Winter. She has been traveling the world since she was 2 years old, her favorite place to visit is the sea, and she loves Italian cuisine.

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